Here's What Our Clients Think About Tough Love Starring Siri

Rick Michaels headshotRick Michaels

Mornings, 99.9 The Hawk / Allentown, PA

The feature was an instant hit and continues to grow. After I got it off the ground I had two sponsors fighting over the feature. Meineke Muffler and Durnin’s Fast Plumbing. They both not only placed huge buys on the station but locked up the feature for the year.

As far as the set up… it is done as follows. I tease the daily topic during the break before the feature. Then I remind the listeners that in order to ask Siri a question they need to submit it to our gmail account [email protected]. We will either read the question to Siri for them or have them ask Siri the question directly. I have a several different “go to” phone folks for this. I usually use 3 live callers a week to set it up. I run it daily at 8am. I have receive nothing but positive feedback since I started this feature. It is by far the fastest growing and most popular benchmark feature I have ever used. Some quotes below from fans…

Lehigh Valley Hospital Center: “Rick, the staff gathers around the nurses station every morning to hear what Siri will say… we love it!”

Martin Guitar: “We stop production to hear what your Siri will tee off on everyday.”

Pearl Vision: “I don’t know how you came up with Siri but don’t ever stop we love it.”

Listen to Tough Love Starring Siri on 99.9 The Hawk:

Dial Research from C100 / Halifax, Nova Scotia

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“This is the best-testing feature I’ve ever seen on radio.”

Consultant and Talent Coach Tracy Johnson