Questions, meet answers.

Who’s the genius behind Tough Love?
Brian Moote, a Hollywood-based stand up comic and air talent is the creator, writer and producer of the episodes. He has performed standup on FOX, Nickelodeon, AXS TV and the USA Network. He was also a cast member on 2 seasons of MTV’s improvised prank show “Money from Strangers” and hosted movie interstitials on the FX Network.

What does each episode include?
You get the question, response script (if you want to record your own), a tease for each episode and four versions (Edgy, PG-13, Family Friendly and Spanish) of the Tough Love response in Mp3 format. Subscribers also receive links to production, promos, teases and resources.

I’m interested but would like to know exactly what I’m getting.
No problem. Just download some of the free episodes as a sample and you’ll know exactly what it’s all about. Get free samples here.

How many times can we use each episode?
You get unlimited use of each episode for as long as your subscription is active.

How do I pay?
Pay with any credit card or PayPal. Your card is charged at checkout and you’ll receive a link to download episodes within 24 hours.

If you’re not able to pay via credit card, please contact us to make other arrangements.

When are we charged?
Your card will be charged monthly on the monthly anniversary date of your initial purchase. If you start on the 13th, you’ll be charged each month on the 13th for the upcoming month.

What if there’s a problem with the card?
If your card does not go through, we will contact you via email to notify you. Service will be suspended until charges are paid.

My company won’t let us pay by credit card. What should I do?
We can make other arrangements for you. Contact us by email here.

I know it’s not that expensive, but we have no budget. Any options?
Most markets can pay with barter for just 1 minute per day. To find out the requirements for your station or market, contact us by email at [email protected]

What if I want to cancel?
You can cancel anytime just by contacting us. There are no contracts. We’ll suspend the automatic monthly payments immediately.

What happens if I cancel?
You will continue receiving Tough Love for the period of time you are subscribed. However, if you cancel, the feature will be available immediately in your market for other broadcasters.

If I cancel, then later want to get back in, what happens?
No problem. You can re-subscribe at any time. However, your subscription will be at the rates being charged at the time you re-subscribe, and an increase in the rate is expected.

When do we get Tough Love episodes?
Tough Love is delivered weekly, usually on Thursdays. Just log in to the site with the username and password you created when subscribing and the current episodes will be there for you. You’ll get an email alert when the new episodes are ready.

Can anyone at my station access the episodes?
Yes, just provide the URL, username and password so they can login.

How many episodes do I get?
Each week, you get six new episodes. You can also access the past two weeks episodes on the download page.

Which episode is right for me?
That depends on your station! There are many ways to use the episodes. We provide multiple responses to each episode, so you can decide which to use. Listen to all versions of each episode and choose the one that feels best for you! It doesn’t have to be the same rating each day.

Mix and match works really well. The best approach is to choose the response that is slightly more aggressive than the personality of your station. It should be compatible with your station sound, but a little more provocative. If in doubt, err on the side of caution. Be conservative. The Edgy version can get old pretty quickly if you use it every day, and the bleeps can get in the way of the humor at times.

You can also use the provided script to customize the response and record your own if you choose. This helps stations who feel the content is too aggressive, or if you want to localize the content.

Localize an episode? How do I do that?
No problem. Simply cut and paste into your iPhone from the script provided in the word document for that episode, edit it and re-record your own version of the response. Detailed instructions are provided to subscribers.

Why wouldn’t I just do this myself?
You could, but the service is inexpensive, quality is consistent and outstanding, it preserves your time, and insures you will not get writer’s block!

I can’t decide which station in my cluster should air it. What’s your advice?
Run it on both! Several groups are airing one version of the feature in mornings on Station A, and another version on Station B in another time slot. For multiple stations, we offer a 40% discount for the second station. Contact us to add another subscriber to your account.